• Installations

    • European and Korean iPhone users:

    Please search and download "iPin Ruler VL" in App Store.

    • Other customers:

    Please search and download "iPin Ruler" in App Store.

    • Introduction of the App

    • System Requirements

    iOS 8 or later, iPhone 5 or later


    iPhone 7 series, please use with MagHolder as shown in the following video.

    • For earlier iPhone with earphone jack, please install it using the following steps:

    1. Plug iPin Spatial Ruler into the earphone jack, then turn it to "ON" position.




    2. "ON" as shown in the upper-right figure. The emitting window on the same side as iPhone's back as well as the camera side.

    3. Please turn the emitting window facet as parallel as possible to the iPhone's backside.

    • Notice of the hand-held position

  • Calibrations

    • 1st Time user: Please do "Standard Calibration".

      See more about Standard Calibration

    • Whenever you switch off your iPin laser, you need to turn it back on and then do " Quick Calibration" to resume your measurement. (Except iPhone 7 series)

      See more about Quick Calibration  

    • Do " Angle Calibration" only if you found obvious differences between "Horizontal" and "Vertical" measurements of the same object....

      See more about Angle Calibration 

    • If you have completed both standard and Angle calibrations, but still found small deviation of the result, you can try "Fine Adjustment".  (Available from App ver. 2.9)

      1. Fine adjust distance: see video

      2. Fine adjust length: see video

  • Get Distance

    To measure the distance between iPhone and the laser spot on the target object.

  • Get Length

    To measure the length the target line.


    1. Horizontal Line

    2. Vertical Line

    3. Diagonal Line

  • Get Area

    To measure the Area of the target object.

  • Save and Share

    iPin Ruler App is not only able to help you quickly get the distance and length, but also save and share your results to your friends, family or colleagues.


    In additions, people who receive it can re-measure the length concerned directly on their own iPin Ruler App in their iPhones. What a creative new way of measuring work!

    1. Save

    1.1 To save your measurement result, tap "File / Save". There are 2 formats for saving:


    (1) Editable: Image in "Editable" format can be retrieved and re-measured later or in another iPhone. The numbers shown on the screen prior saving will NOT be saved in the image.


    (2) Fixed: Save everything including the numbers on the screen into the saved image.

    1.2 You can also set the App to automatic save your results every time, by switch the nob to "on" in Setting menu.

    2. Share and get shared results

    2.1 To share your measurement result, tap "File / share". There are 2 formats for sharing:

    (1) Editable: Image in "Editable" format can be retrieved and re-measured later or in another iPhone. The numbers shown on the screen prior sharing will NOT be saved in the image.


    (2) Fixed: Save everything including the numbers on the screen into the shared image.


    2.2 You can also share your previously saved results directly from your photo album.


    **Important Notice:Please share your result in "Actual Size", in order to make them correctly re-measurable in the other receiving iPhone. A compressed image will destroy the data shored in the image and cause the re-measurement result incorrect.



    2.3 When you received shared image from somebody else's iPin Ruler App, please first save it in your photo album, then retrieve it in your own iPin Ruler App by tap "File / Open".


    If it is originally saved in "Editable" format, then you can do your re-measurement on that image if you need; as shown in the next paragraph.

    3. Open saved or shared files

    Tap "File / Open", you can retrieve the saved image from the photo album. If the file is in "Editable" original size, then you can do re-measurement in your iPin Ruler App; otherwise, the file can only be reviewed.

  • System Settings

    Tap "Setting" at iPin Ruler App:

    1. Skin:
    Tap "white or metal" to change the color tone of the App, as shown in the following image.

    2. Font colors:
    Tap "red or green" to change the color of measuring results, as shown in following image.

    3. Scroll direction:
    Tap "reverse or forward" can change the moving direction of the image relative to your finger movement, in the magnifier of "Get Length Mode". As shown in the following image.

    4. Automatic save:
    Select "on" to automatically save the measurement result in "Editable" format to the photo album.




    5. Time stamp:
    Select "on" to show Date/Time on the saved image. As shown in the right image.

  • Useful Tips

    Here are some useful tips for improving measuring accuracy or convenience.

    1. Adjust Exposure Value (EV) for improving the recognition accuracy of laser spot:

    (1) Applied for:
    In some circumstances, the environment light is too bright for the App to correctly recognize the location of the laser spot.

    (2) Way of adjusting EV:
    Lower the EV by move the nob to the left, so that the laser spot can be more likely identified by the App.

    **Notice:Adjust the EV prior tapping the "Measure".

    2. Manually recapture the laser spot:


    (1) Applied for:

    App did not recognize the laser spot correctly; it results in poor accuracy of measurements。

    (2) Steps of recapture:


    a.) Touch and hold on the recognition circle for 2 seconds till the magnifier pops up.


    b.) On the magnifier, move the laser spot to the center of the cross.


    c.) Tap "Measure" to recalculate the distance, length or width.

    3. Magnifier:


    (1) If the magnifier sub-screen covers the corner of object, simply drag it to somewhere else by 2 fingers.


    (2) To turn off the magnifier, just double-click the sub-screen by single finger.